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Phone Answering 24/7

Formations House provides your business with a unique Central London business phone number. All your business calls will be received on this number and you may then choose to:

  • Forward these calls to a number of your choice locally
  • Forward these calls to an international number of your choice
  • Set virtual operators to take your messages and forward them to you
  • Record voice mails and review them at your leisure

Formations House also offers the unique virtual operator service, whereby all your incoming calls are automatically screened through a virtual operator.

It takes only 1 day to get this service ready and the cost is £50.00 to setup and only £35.00 per month. If you take additional phone lines, the charge is £10.00 (extra) per month per telephone line. You may choose to:

  • Setup a virtual receptionist, who will forward your calls to your specified numbers
  • Upload your desired welcome message to be played whenever someone calls your business number
  • Setup a virtual operator who receives and stores voice messages from your customers

There is no extra charge for call forwarding; however, for the forwarded part of the call, you need to pay extra charges to carrier (Telephone Company). This charge varies according to the carrier and the destination number.

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