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Offshore Value Starter Pack £795

Special 2015 offer, RRP 1595**

Global Company

  • Set up time: online 5 minutes
  • Location: Global Enterprise Zone Gambia
  • Tax: Zero on worldwide income
  • VAT: Zero
  • Renewal Fee: £200
  • Status: High Confidentiality

Bank Account

  • Time to open: 5 days to 10 days
  • Personal attendance: normally not required
  • ID: Notarised copy of passport + Proof of address
  • Credit Cards: Prepayment and debit immediately

Merchant Gateway:

  • Acceptance:  All industries covered
  • Time to open: 3 days
  • Discount rate: depends on business activities and is usually 1.5% to 2.5%.
  • Transaction fee: US$0.10 per transaction.
  • Chargeback fee: US$15 per chargeback.
  • Chargeback reserve: 1% amount of each payment is hold for 90 days.


  • Your website and apps are made live in as little as seven days with dedicated designers who will translate your vision into a live platform to enable your ecommerce activity. 
  • Our market beating 1.5% merchant processing fees ensure you maximise revenue. 
  • Unlimited Hosting, for your website and apps are hosted with no restrictions on traffic.
  • Ecommerce Mobile App available on iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phone. 
  • Integrated accounting software and ecommerce dashboard product manager.  
  • Free Mobile Optimised E-commerce website. 
  • Wide variety of payment options for your customers including. 
  • Tablet Optimised POS system integrated with mobile app & ecommerce website.  
  • 24-Hour UK Customer Support.

* This product is available for new businesses only, existing businesses should contact us directly for further information.

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