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Is your company name available?

With a strong international reputation (especially in Great Britain and Europe), relatively low corporation tax of just 12.5% (lower than the UK) and extensive double taxation agreements with over 60 countries, Ireland offers many advantages for incorporation of an offshore or international style company.

Incorporation Procedure

Incorporation takes up to 10 working days. Initially a name search will be conducted before the registration is submitted. We will let you know if your preferred name is not available and may offer some alternatives.

An Irish offshore company cannot solicit funds from or sell its shares to the public.

Capital duty payable on the issued share capital is 1%. There is no maximum limit for authorised capital. The minimum issued capital is two shares of par value.

Classes of shares permitted are Ordinary and Preference shares.

A company can have a minimum number of two directors, of whom one should be resident of the European Economic Area (EEA). Directors must be natural persons. Minimum number of shareholders is one. Hiring a company secretary is mandatory, who can be a natural person or body corporate. There are no residence restrictions for secretaries.

Details of the directors and of the registered shareholders can be accessed from the Companies Registry, as well as from the Revenue Commissioners. However, we offer our services to operate as a "fiscal agent" for your offshore company and do the required reporting on behalf of your company. As an agent, our duties would include filing returns, accounts preparation assistance, finding a suitable auditor for your company and acting as a medium between company auditors and the tax authorities to enable all company obligations are fulfilled in a timely manner.

It is necessary to maintain a registered office in Ireland. The address of this office has to be visible on all company letterheads and stationery, along with the Incorporation Number and full name of the Directors and Secretary.

Annual requirements

An Irish offshore company is required to file its Annual Return each year and submit an annual filing fee.

It must also ensure audited accounts are prepared, maintained and filed electronically via ROS, and the accounts of the company will be publicly accessible.


The corporate tax rate is 12.5% on trading income and 25% on non trading income. To promote the growth of new company formation in Ireland, start-up companies with a tax liability of less that 40,000 Euro per annum are afforded a three year remission from taxation from profits and capital gains. This tax-relief is not applicable to professional services companies or companies that are dealing in land or petroleum and mineral activities.

Ireland has a widespread network of double tax agreements in force with 63 countries.

Whats Included

  • Registered Address and Agent
  • Company Secretarial Maintenance
  • Government fees
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Appointment of First Directors
  • Consent Actions of the Board of Directors
  • Share Certificates
  • Register of Directors and Members


  • Services Office
  • Nominee Director
  • Nominee Shareholder
  • Audit Exemption Certificate
  • Bank Account opening
  • Company Seal*

* Delivery of the physical seal will be extra.










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