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Set-Up your Storefront in Minutes.

The infiniApp online interface lets you upload your products & services along with prices, pictures, videos and other related products with no hassle at all. 

Organising all your products into separate categories takes seconds, before you know it you’ll be selling your first product online.

Stock management couldn’t be easier, fill in your inventory & every time you fulfil an order your stock will automatically update.



Take your Business into the Mobile Marketplace.

Once you’ve entered your products and services into our online interface your mobile app is ready to go.

Your customers can then browse & buy from your store from their mobile devices.

Your App can also be published as a stand alone app into the Android, iPhone, iPad & Windows Phone subject to the editorial policies of each store.



Payment Gateways made simple.

Your customers can pay for products and services online using our secure gateway to popular payment processors such as PayPal, Google, World Pay & Others.

Our payment engine utilizes the maximum level of security to guarantee completely safe and secure billing transactions between you and your customers.

We use 256-Bit SSL Certificate security, the same level of encryption governments use around the world to ensure your information stays secure.


Statistics to help you monitor your Business.

infiniApp includes built-in analytics that enables you to monitor your business and track your sales over any given period of time.

We create detailed customer profiles letting you learn more about your customers and what they buy. Our online interface enables you to look at their contact info and order history in just a couple of clicks.

Our advanced marketing features an SEO friendly CMS that helps grow your online stores’ customer appeal.



Set-Up your POS Inventory instantly.

When you use infiniPOS to sell in your retail location, all of your online products & services are already synced within our cloud database, enabling you to instantly populate your POS inventory at the press of a button.

Forget about keeping track of multiple inventories, product catalogs, and payment systems. infiniApp integrates all aspects of your retail business in one easy-to-use platform.



Accept Credit & Debit Cards Wherever.

You are able to request a chip & pin machine from your selected payment processor that enables you to take payments for your goods and services in a physical retail setting.

We have integrated our POS app with leading chip & pin machines including VeriFone and multiple others that enable these machines to communicate with your app removing the need for you to manually enter them into your accounting software.

Starter Package Includes


  • Your website and apps are made live in as little as seven days with dedicated designers who will translate your vision into a
    live platform to enable your ecommerce activity.

  • Our market beating 1.5% merchant processing fees ensure you maximise revenue.

  • Unlimited Hosting, for your website and apps are hosted with no restrictions on traffic.

  • Ecommerce Mobile App available on iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phone.

  • Integrated accounting software and ecommerce dashboard product manager. 

  • Free Mobile Optimised E-commerce website.

  • Wide variety of payment options for your customers including.

  • Tablet Optimised POS system integrated with mobile app & ecommerce website. 

  • 24-Hour UK Customer Support.



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