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Copyright is a protection that covers published and unpublished literary, scientific and artistic works, whatever the form of expression, provided such works are fixed in a tangible or material form. A copyright is used to protect material, such as literature, drama, layouts, art, music, sound recordings, films and broadcasts.

Copyright laws grant the creator the exclusive right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute, perform and display the work publicly. Exclusive means only the creator of such work, not anybody who has access to it and decides to use it.

Formations House provides this service to offshore companies for a nominal price. It takes approximately 6 months to get the copyright registered.

Benefits of the service

  • This service protects the rights of the product of the customer in the offshore jurisdiction
  • The customer personal involvement is not required during the procedure
  • This order can be placer from anywhere in the world

How long does it take to obtain the copyright?

It takes 6-8 months for the procedure to complete.

How to place the order?

The order must be placed manually by send an email along with the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Incorporation Number
  • A brief description of business activities

If the company is not formed through Formations House, the following information is required:

  • Company’s certificate of incorporation
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • Contact person details: name, valid email and postal address, telephone and fax number
  • A brief description of business activities
  • Preferred modes and details of payment
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