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Venture Finance Facility

Cash flow is the lifeblood of all new business but accessing it is often a difficult process for start-up’s. Formations House have assisted over 400,000 start-up’s in over a decade of operation.

We have built close working relationships with venture finance sources on a global basis. We know what finance providers require and will help you to shape your proposal to achieve the maximum chance of obtaining finance for your business. Due to the confidence we have in our capability we back this up with a no quibble 100% money back guarantee.

Business Plan

Business Plan allows you to create a comprehensive summary/plan of your proposed company's business model. Such a summary can be used as an internal management, planning and strategy tool or externally; as a corporate summary for banks or other potential investors.

It can be used to create up-to-date business plans, for your proposed ventures. The business plan created contains all the relevant texts and tables, which describe your business aims. You can also add any number of charts and figures to illustrate the forecasts and financial analyses in your business plan.

Company Formation

Business Starter Pack includes online company registration service. The package includes all company incorporation documents including original certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles.

Logo Design

We will create subject to your specifications a custom logo that reflects your brand identity.

The logo file is provided for easy use in letterheads, website and business cards. Additionally a sample letterhead incorporating the logo is provided in Microsoft word format for immediate use in business correspondence.

Website Design

Our professional designers will create an attractive 10 page website, promoting your brand and the mission. More pages can be added at a small additional cost.

Domain name + corporate email

We will register your corporate domain name and setup corporate email boxes for your company. Your email address will reflect your corporate identity.

Business Cards

The best quality business cards possess a distinct personality and propel the professional image of your business to your clients. For the indicated price, you are provided with a set of 250 business cards in full colour. These Business Cards will be delivered to your given address anywhere in the world. You will only have to pay for the Postage Stamp charges.


Web hosting service allows you to upload and store your HTML documents and related files on a Web server. This makes the files available on the World Wide Web for viewing by the public.

We offer a comprehensive high bandwidth web hosting service which operates around the clock as well as complete maintenance support and ample storage space. The best equipment and experienced and professional system engineers are used to provide first-rate web hosting services.

Accounting System

We will set your company up with its own advanced online accounting system. The system is comprehensive and is designed to track all financial data and records, manage daily transactions and produce reports for effective financial planning.

VAT Registration

We will register your company for VAT, so you are able to reclaim vat on business expenses.

Raise up to £250,000 for your Business

Once your company has been properly structured, we will list the company on our Investor matrix where it can be viewed by institutional investors; venture capitalists and a range of other parties.

Your company will be marketed so that potential investors can get an overview of the business objectives and the potential returns on any investment.

The amount of investment money available will depend primarily on the type of business and the number of investors willing to take a stake in the business.

The minimum amount raised would be £50,000 and the maximum is £250,000

The Costs:

We charge a brokerage fee of 5% based on the amount of investment raised for your company.

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